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Roberto Passadori, founder of EWTECH SRL, certainly has the longest experience in erosion in Italy.

In 1979, he founded the CDM, as a project partner and technical director. The company, thanks to particularly innovative solutions for the time, quickly became the first manufacturer of EDM machines in Italy, with an important international presence.

In 1989 Passadori left the CDM and founded EROTECH, specialized in the production of high-tech machines and special machines, which manufactures and distributes in Italy and in the world.

In 2010 the company is transformed into EWTECH SRL, Edm-Wirecut Technology.

With a unique experience in the sector, and trying to better interpret the changed market situation, EWTECH proposes itself with a greater vocation for the import and marketing of high-tech wire EDM machines, with linear motors, produced by CHMER , the largest and most experienced Taiwanese company, with which Erotech and then Ewtech, has a consolidated relationship from years of collaboration. Having contributed to the development and engineering of CHMER machines, EWTECH stands not only as an importer, but as an experienced partner able to get to know the machines, make changes, supply all types of pre and post-sales support, with a spare parts warehouse for all of Europe.

Also by CHMER, EWTECH imports and distributes microprocessing machines, manual and CNC, plunging machines and special high-speed machining centers, with a portal structure and designed in particular for the milling of graphite electrodes, thanks to a reduction system of powders with a bell with a veil of dielectric liquid.

The other main activity of EWTECH, thanks to the new modular die-sinking EDM generator, built on the basis of the Beckhoff CNC, powerful and modular German CNC, consists in revising and renewing any CNC plunge EDM, besides producing new special machines.

The Beckhoff CNC communicates with the peripheral modules via the new EtherCat bus, which has become the standard of modern applications and allows the new generator to be quickly and easily adapted to any existing machine; combined with the replacement of motors with high-speed ServoBrushless, the machine is updated with the latest technology and provides unrivaled performance.

EWTECH, with all its staff, with a unique experience in the EDM sector, can deal with any electro-erosion problem with competence, guaranteeing its final success and supporting the customer in all his needs.


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